Tuesday, December 05, 2006

To the Moon and beyond!

In light of NASA's decision to explore permanent living quarters on the Moon, the Lobster and I were talking last night about what it would be like to live on the moon. Not forever but if we were stranded on the moon for a finite amount of time what would we expect etc. The Lobster wasn't having as much fun with the idea as I was - he's afraid of heights so getting him there would be a feat in and of itself but also, there's no football on the moon so end of discussion. I on the other hand was having so much fun playing pretend - what would I see? what I would do? I won't bore you with details but this morning I got thinking - the question is always "What products would you take with you if you were stranded on a tropical island?". Well, what if you were stranded on the moon?

I have problems packing for anything (Ofcourse I need 4 pairs of shoes fora 2 day weekend trip!) so I have to set boundaries or the list would get out of hand.

If NASA said I could only take 10 beauty products here's what I would take...

Neutrogena's Foaming Face Wash - There's no soap in this face wash so it's not drying and I imagine that living inside of what is basically going to amount to a refrigerator is going to be pretty drying for my skin.

Natura Bisse Glycopeel 50% - great for exfoliating

Natura Bisse Sensitive Skin Toner - great alcohol-free toner with lots of botanicals that soothe my skin

Proactive Oil-Free Moisturizer SPH 15 - Great basic moisturizer since I have oily skin- great for those moonwalks and doesn't leave that white sheen so many other sunscreens can leave behind.

Origins Eye Cream - Another good basic product.

Bare Essencuals Foundation - Great coverage that works as a foundation and a concealer.

Benefit's Benetint - a pink, rose petal-infused lip and cheek stain(another 2 for 1!) that gives you the just-bitten lip look. Very important since I can't imagine we're going to be getting much sun!

Burt's Bee's Beeswax Lip Balm - if I could only take one product this bad-boy would be it! can't live without. Just can't. And more than any other lip balm out there this is the best one to wear under lipstick because it doesn't have too much slip so your lipstick doesn't slide all over the place.

Vaseline Intensive Care - Healthy Body Complexion Nourishing Body Lotion -love this moisturizer! It smooths out your skin tone and isn't greasy. Note: Because it has alpha hydroxy acids (to smooth out skin) you don't want to use this on your legs right after shaving. Think "Home Alone I" on your legs.

YSL Paris - My favorite fragrance of all time. It's like an old favorite t-shirt - just comfortable, reliable, and makes you feel so good.

lipstik kisses!


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