Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Black nailpolish is everywhere right now. Well everywhere but on me. It's really hard for me to keep black nails looking fresh and besides - too many flashbacks from junior high.

I've been obscessed instead with brown ongles! But do you how hard it is to find a brown or brown-base nail polish right now? I have looked for weeks - Target, CVS, Chanel, Bobbi Brown (who by the way are doing away with their basic line of nail polishes are will only do colors for seasonal color stories), Lippmann, OPI - nada! Everything is pink or white or red or berry or purple or BLACK!

So during an ice-day last week I was in the mood to nest so I made my way to Wal-mart for some baking supplies but scoured the beauty aisles first (duh!). I thought, "Who knows? Maybe Mary Kate and Ashely has what I'm looking for." (I was that desperate.) Now they didn't have anything but Sally Hansen did. It wasn't the chocolate brown I was looking for but it will do for now - just a tad too much red but let me just say that the polish has staying power I never expected!

Revlon - crap! Don't like ANY of their cosmetics ESPECIALLY their nail color (takes a lifetime to dry!) but that's an intense blog for another day.
Chanel - Great colors but not worth the price. I've got Vamp (not the original which is so dark it's almost black) but it starts to chip and goes dull in 2 days
Bobbi Brown - One of my favorites even though the bottle is itty bitty - the color is sheer (not overly saturated) and the consistency is thin enough to build color
OPI - Love! My favorite colors are "Grand Central Carnation" - the spring/summer color for my little piggies and "I'm not Really a Waitress" for winter.
Sally Hansen - Best bang for your buck! My nails in this picture were painted Saturday and narry a chip (yes I know my cuticles need help) and still pretty glossy! And that is very impressive and unexpected for a red based polish because red molecules are the largest from all other colors. Red polishes, therefore, take the longest to dry and are usually the first to chip.

The only thing lacking with Sally is their color selection - their prices are great for the quality and range from about $3 - $6 a bottle.

A marriage between Sally Hansen (great price) and OPI (fantastic colors even though they don't have the brown I'm looking for) would be a wonderful union indeed.

lipstick kisses!


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amee said...

my vote is for sally hansen.. it's the smoothest formula. their colors are mostly sheer and pastels, but i like wearing those, so for now it's good.
i had a bottle of chanel once and really really liked it. That bottle lasted me a long time...the gloss does go away but the nailpolish stayed...