Friday, July 27, 2007

my new love...

I've been a bit bored lately with my current fragrance turnstile of Coco Mademoiselle and Paris, and when I'm really desperate for something different, Fresh's Sugar Blossom. And I’ve been looking for something different for quite a while but lately everything seems to smell the same.

Enter Prada’s latest fragrance launch: "Infusion d'Iris". A new fragrance for fall, it is such the antithesis of their other fragrance "Tendre" (which I think is muy stinky!). I think d’Iris just may be the fragrance I have been waiting for...

Light, fresh, with a deep floral - it's a scent that will work in all seasons. And the bottle feels so good in the palm of your hand- they've done a great job with packaging.

I've only worn d'Iris very lightly a few times (that means just 2 sprays in contrast to when I usually spray it every where and get jiggy with it) and can't wait to take it out on the road. I've already put away the "others" in a drawer. And if I become truly nutty over it - they've got great ancillaries - body lotion and bath gel of course, but also bar soap and linen water and scented paper and body splash and candles. ooh Lobster's going to be in trouble if I really, really end up falling for the fragrance!

lipsick kisses!


my thing

I realized last night as I was getting ready for bed that I am currently nursing 6 eye creams. I noticed them all huddled in the "co-ed" drawer the Lobster and I share (we do each have our own drawer - this is just the one where the community items go - toothpaste etc. and there's no room in my drawer for the eye cream. A pic of that drawer later!)

Not that I have serious eye issues but I can't get too crazy with face creams and serums and toners because of my so-sensitive skin, so I satisfy my junkie habits by experimenting with eye cream.

The sad news though is that I haven't found my holy grail yet. La Mer the eye balm is great to dab - something that feels great going on out of the fridge but it has no moisturizing properties and I really don't know what else it does other than soothe. But really. What does that mean? Orlane's Anti-fatigue is a great for everything but it doesn't moisturize - it diminishes dark circles, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and the bottle/pump is so cute - fits perfectly in my hand. Pricey though. Neutrogena Eye Defense - it's ok - has sunscreen but the little light deflecting particles smear if you don't give it a good mix in the tube before applying. Juara's eye cream - rich and creamy and smells nice - moisturizes and smooths. Omorovicza - smells of cucumber and absorbs nicely. Natura Diamond Eye - don't think it does anything either and the scent is quite strong. I don't know if I'd replenish any of them though. I think Origins White Tea is still my favorite but I don't lurve it.

And a note - you need a day eye cream and a separate night eye cream. You must always have SPF in your day eye cream and also because often night creams are too rich for day and result in your eye make-up up smearing and your concealer sliding. Not pretty my friend. Not pretty at all.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the dove challenge - results!

Can I just tell you how happy I was to be able to get my hands and fingers around my lovely jars and bottles? The challenge ended Sunday evening and the first thing I did was grab my Natura Bisse GlycoPeel and slather the stuff all over my face. It felt so good to get a fix after 2 weeks. Even the initial sting was bliss. Ah! Spoken like a true junkie!

Here's my challenge recap: It was nice having a 1-step skin-care routine at night. Wash and sleep. Wash and sleep. And I did get a few comments on how my skin was looking better. It took a little getting used to but I would almost look forward to the soft scent the soap would leave on my skin.

But I must confess! I have continued to use my dove bar soap to wash my face. What can I say? It smells good and leaves my skin smooth and soft and I don't have to use a moisturizer every night.

Anyway, I have also started back on Tazorac - my super-duper, rx only, acne buster. I was on it last summer and winter and quit because I wasn't seeing real difference. I'm giving it another shot though. I'll keep you posted.

lipstick kisses,

Thursday, July 05, 2007

the Dove Challenge Update!

Lobster and Sheester both think my skin looks better since Sunday when I started using Dove to cleanse my face.

Also, no new friends have moved in. The painful bumps from the previous week are healing and peeling and bleeding. But surprisingly - nothing new.

Skin feels dry after washing, even though the beauty bar is 1/3 moisturizer. So I'm using a sample of Chantecaille's Flower Harmonizing Cream. And of course - eye cream!

I miss my jars and bottles and pumps and tubes! The Dove bar may work but it's not very sexy.

Reality is sinking in - I really am an INCORRIGIBLE sucker for packaging and marketing.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Now this is luv!

29 Cosmetics was started by one Lydia Mondavi and her mother and is named after the highway that runs through Napa Valley. What makes their line different from every other indy cosmetics brand (and trust me - there are A LOT of them out there and I've tried most of them) is that they are a TREATMENT cosmetics brand. All of their products contain grape seed extract and lots of other yummy anti-aging properties for your skin.

I have never used an eyeliner quite like theirs. Called "Line Maker Grape Seed Age Protecting Eye Pencil", it's smooth and doesn't smudge - unless you want it to smudge. Seriously. This is going to the first eye liner I have ever used that will need replacing.

They don't have skin care yet but I'm keeping my eye out. Oh! Another note-worthy note - the products have fun, vineyard related names - such as lipsticks called "Call me a Cab" and "Reserve Red". My Holy Grail eyeliner is called "El Trellis". Which by the way is the perfect shade of brown - not too brown and not too black so it's easy to wear during the day and smudge for night.

And since I'm a sucker for packaging and no post is complete without an overview: The compacts are too pretty to be left on your bathroom counter or stuffed in a drawer. That faux pau about powdering your nose at the table and applying rouge to you lips? Forget it. You'll want to show off the pretty bullets of color and smooth, silver cases.

Available at

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Stick it to me!

The beauty industry was buzzing with anticipation over Laura Mercier's new Stick Foundation.

I've been using it for about two months now and I am loving it! It's much more sheer than Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick but has buildable coverage, is waterproof, moisturizes, oil-free, and has SPF! Now some have been disappointed by the amount of product in the casing but it's the same .33 oz as Bobbi's. But because Laura's packaging is a bit more "stout", it just seems like less product.
I've been using the foundation daily and it's one I will be replenishing. (I think it was Leonard Lauder that said he never paid too much attention to initial sales of a new launch. It was the subsequent sales he was interested in - did customers like the product enough to repurchase?)

The color range is a bit limiting - 8 shades to Bobbi's 16 - but I'm sure new colors will be added in the coming seasons. So for those of you looking for something new and fresh - hang in there if they don't have your shade. It's worth the wait!
lipstick kisses!

Monday, July 02, 2007


So the skin has gotten a little bad as of late. Actually, it's been a good year of just icky-gross-don't-get-too-close-or-you-may-scream kind of bad. Don't know what's causing it, but looking at pictures from a couple of years ago has made me even more depressed about it because it's been so long since I've had clear, even toned skin. Just look at the picture! Taken in a plane on my way to South Africa 2 years ago.

In the midst of my whining this past weekend, Lobster offered up a solution/challenge: that I go 2 weeks of using ONLY Dove's beauty bar and oil-free moisturizer as needed. He's always saying that in between the toners and serums and moisturizers and scrubs and peels, my skin doesn't have time to breathe and recalibrate and heal itself. Now he's not a doctor but he did have a point. There's always something on my visage.

So last night was night #1. I used the dove bar to wash as instructed and promised. I did use a little eye cream (can't give it all up cold turkey!). Skin felt fine this morning. I missed my potions and went very light on the make up - Kiehl's tinted moisturizer and some powder, very light blush and mascara.

I'll keep you updated.