Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Purpose Driven Life

So I spent the last eight months and some change in one of the top cosmetic departments in the US. and along the way I learned a lot and picked up a plethora of do and don'ts and never-ever-evers!

I wanted to share everything I had learned so I created this blog to explore different aspects of the cosmetics world - new launches, advertising, formulations, tried and true products, tools of the trade. But then I got thinking - there are so many other things out there that I love - I can't just write about cosmetics. I also have a deep rooted penchant for shoes and handbags and music and books. And it's my blog so I thought "I can write about whatever moves me" so you may also find the occasional non-cosmestics finds, and the "oh my God I have to have it"s!

The purpose of the blog is just to have fun - it's not to push products. Cosmetic departments are very intimidating and it's not always easy to get through all the muck and women clad in black so if I can shed some light on the world of color, treatment, and fragrance, then yay! And if I can write about some of my other favorite things along the way as well then even better.

Thanks for reading!

lipstick kisses!