Monday, June 18, 2007

roshbosh's drawer

We bought a vanity/console/laptop desk for the bedroom and I am loving having all my cosmetics in one place! I'm using the single-drawer the desk came with; I'm such an "out of site - out of mind" person that I think this new set-up is going to be great in that I'll get around to using so many more of the products I already have. Working out of 2 cosmetic/toiletry bags was getting annoying - for me and the lobster. Lobster doesn't come home to a bathroom counter covered with products anymore and I can put on my face in seated in front of natural light. Although, the light in the bathroom is much kinder than the sun so early in the morning...

Friday, June 15, 2007


Guess what!? Crate&Barrel has a spin-off store! Currently there are only 2 brick-&-mortars in Chicago (one is in the works for NYC) but you can buy their happy and fun and INEXPENSIVE wares at

scientology becomes her.

Truth be known, I hide behind my hair. It goes up when I wash my face and when I sleep but that's about it. So I envy anyone who can sport short, I-just-got-of-bed-and-my-hair-looks-fabulous hair - the tousled hair that looks great parted this way or that way and can look sleek or playful. I am loving Katie Holmes new do. And her new sartorial style - trendy but fresh. She's definitely stepping out of her comfort zone - strong prints and a great juxtaposition of hard and soft lines.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

2 words. ALAN RICKMAN!

oh my god how badly do I want to be Sharleen Spiteri in this video!?

sigh! I need a cold, cold shower.



Thursday, June 07, 2007


Some of you may have heard of e.l.f cosmetics from a forward that's been going around for some time now. e.lf. stands for eyes, lips, face and is a company that sells $1 cosmetic products. It was started by 2 brothers after they realized how much women spend on cosmetics - namely the wife of one of the brothers. The company has gotten a lot of press ( and I've received the forward twice and have been so, so tempted to see if the hype is true. I finally gave in two weeks ago on a lazy Friday afternoon and bought a little bit of everything - $23 worth of lip liner, eyeliner, brushes, concealer, tinted moisturizer, lip balm, mascara, lip plumper, blotting sheets, and all-over color.

Here's the rundown on the products, but because my mother raised me well, I will go through the "good things" about the products first.

good thing #1: good scents - products smell like those orange push-pops of yesteryear.
good thing #2: good eye brushes - can't tell much difference between my Sonia Kashuk all-over brush and the e.l.f. but stay away from the "larger brushes" - you get what you pay for and in this case what you get is a brush full of dry bristles that scratch!
good thing #3: the eyeliner seems like a good solid product - made of a gel-powder formula - not kohl. doesn't blend too well though.
good thing #4: lip plumper - has a tingling effect that I liked - the lobster didn't notice a difference but I think there was a bit of "plumping".
good thing #5: $5 shipping no matter how much you buy!

bad thing #1: packaging - I am a sucker for packaging. and I understand that the company saves money by using blister packs etc but I like things to feel nice in my hands. I'm just not that utilitarian.
bad thing #2: formulations - product is very diluted. the concealer wasn't mixed very well. and the coverage isn't there
bad thing #3: all-over product - the texture on this is not nice - too waxy. didn't even try it on my skin - I was so afraid it wouldn't come off!
bad thing #4: tinted moisturizer - no coverage. and it doesn't moisturize.
bad thing #5: lip liner - another "you get what you pay for" - I like my liners a bit creamier.
bad thing #6: brushes - please refer to "good thing #2"
bad thing #7: blotting papers - too thin! "stick to the clean & clear papers".
bad thing #8: there are only 5 good things and 7 bad things.

From the 18 products I bought, I like the lip balm & the eye brush but not enough to repurchase.

lipstick kisses!


Friday, June 01, 2007

yay! it's June 1st!

and that calls for CUPCAKES! (ok so there's no real connection but humor me.)

places to satisfy that oh-my-god-if-I-don't-have-a-cupcake-right-now-I'll-self-combust cravings...

our very own New York/California import! minimalist decor made up for by their "hmm-I-never-would-have-put-those-flavors-together" flavors like ginger lemon and lemon coconut. other "hmmmm" flavors : strawberry, carrot, pumpkin, and orange!

owned by Roshi (we have lots in common!). It's all about the frosting that's made without any shorting! My favorite is their strawberry cupcake.

haven't been but I want to! they sell french macaroons! and I just love french macaroons!