Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stick it to me!

The beauty industry was buzzing with anticipation over Laura Mercier's new Stick Foundation.

I've been using it for about two months now and I am loving it! It's much more sheer than Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick but has buildable coverage, is waterproof, moisturizes, oil-free, and has SPF! Now some have been disappointed by the amount of product in the casing but it's the same .33 oz as Bobbi's. But because Laura's packaging is a bit more "stout", it just seems like less product.
I've been using the foundation daily and it's one I will be replenishing. (I think it was Leonard Lauder that said he never paid too much attention to initial sales of a new launch. It was the subsequent sales he was interested in - did customers like the product enough to repurchase?)

The color range is a bit limiting - 8 shades to Bobbi's 16 - but I'm sure new colors will be added in the coming seasons. So for those of you looking for something new and fresh - hang in there if they don't have your shade. It's worth the wait!
lipstick kisses!


Mo said...

Do i still need to use powder with this one? i have the powder that has foundation built in and i'm running low so i was going to go get the same...would you suggest this stick instead?

Mo said...

Don't know if my last comment went to you so i'll ask again, would i have to use a powder with this? i have the powder/foundation that laura mercier makes and i am needing to replenish that one..should i move to this?

roshbosh: proper noun said...

yes you will need a powder with this. not totally necessary but I feel it just finishes the look. besides, if you were to apply poweder blush over just the stick it would cause your blush to "slide". remember: "cream to cream" and "powder to powder".

give this one a shot at the counter. but for extra coverage, you could use your existing powder/foundation over the stick foundation instead of just a powder.