Friday, July 27, 2007

my new love...

I've been a bit bored lately with my current fragrance turnstile of Coco Mademoiselle and Paris, and when I'm really desperate for something different, Fresh's Sugar Blossom. And I’ve been looking for something different for quite a while but lately everything seems to smell the same.

Enter Prada’s latest fragrance launch: "Infusion d'Iris". A new fragrance for fall, it is such the antithesis of their other fragrance "Tendre" (which I think is muy stinky!). I think d’Iris just may be the fragrance I have been waiting for...

Light, fresh, with a deep floral - it's a scent that will work in all seasons. And the bottle feels so good in the palm of your hand- they've done a great job with packaging.

I've only worn d'Iris very lightly a few times (that means just 2 sprays in contrast to when I usually spray it every where and get jiggy with it) and can't wait to take it out on the road. I've already put away the "others" in a drawer. And if I become truly nutty over it - they've got great ancillaries - body lotion and bath gel of course, but also bar soap and linen water and scented paper and body splash and candles. ooh Lobster's going to be in trouble if I really, really end up falling for the fragrance!

lipsick kisses!


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Mo said...

Oh no...the lobster better watch have got some expensive taste!