Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Now this is luv!

29 Cosmetics was started by one Lydia Mondavi and her mother and is named after the highway that runs through Napa Valley. What makes their line different from every other indy cosmetics brand (and trust me - there are A LOT of them out there and I've tried most of them) is that they are a TREATMENT cosmetics brand. All of their products contain grape seed extract and lots of other yummy anti-aging properties for your skin.

I have never used an eyeliner quite like theirs. Called "Line Maker Grape Seed Age Protecting Eye Pencil", it's smooth and doesn't smudge - unless you want it to smudge. Seriously. This is going to the first eye liner I have ever used that will need replacing.

They don't have skin care yet but I'm keeping my eye out. Oh! Another note-worthy note - the products have fun, vineyard related names - such as lipsticks called "Call me a Cab" and "Reserve Red". My Holy Grail eyeliner is called "El Trellis". Which by the way is the perfect shade of brown - not too brown and not too black so it's easy to wear during the day and smudge for night.

And since I'm a sucker for packaging and no post is complete without an overview: The compacts are too pretty to be left on your bathroom counter or stuffed in a drawer. That faux pau about powdering your nose at the table and applying rouge to you lips? Forget it. You'll want to show off the pretty bullets of color and smooth, silver cases.

Available at NeimanMarcus.com.

lipstick kisses!



Mo said...

Is this the same Mondavi that makes wine? my parents went to their vineyard 4 years ago for their anniversary..they make really good wine, not too expensive. Their Cabs are good. of course you can only get the product at neimans! :P

roshbosh: proper noun said...

it is the same Mondavi that makes the wine! and 29 is sold EXCLUSIVELY at NM!