Friday, July 27, 2007

my thing

I realized last night as I was getting ready for bed that I am currently nursing 6 eye creams. I noticed them all huddled in the "co-ed" drawer the Lobster and I share (we do each have our own drawer - this is just the one where the community items go - toothpaste etc. and there's no room in my drawer for the eye cream. A pic of that drawer later!)

Not that I have serious eye issues but I can't get too crazy with face creams and serums and toners because of my so-sensitive skin, so I satisfy my junkie habits by experimenting with eye cream.

The sad news though is that I haven't found my holy grail yet. La Mer the eye balm is great to dab - something that feels great going on out of the fridge but it has no moisturizing properties and I really don't know what else it does other than soothe. But really. What does that mean? Orlane's Anti-fatigue is a great for everything but it doesn't moisturize - it diminishes dark circles, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and the bottle/pump is so cute - fits perfectly in my hand. Pricey though. Neutrogena Eye Defense - it's ok - has sunscreen but the little light deflecting particles smear if you don't give it a good mix in the tube before applying. Juara's eye cream - rich and creamy and smells nice - moisturizes and smooths. Omorovicza - smells of cucumber and absorbs nicely. Natura Diamond Eye - don't think it does anything either and the scent is quite strong. I don't know if I'd replenish any of them though. I think Origins White Tea is still my favorite but I don't lurve it.

And a note - you need a day eye cream and a separate night eye cream. You must always have SPF in your day eye cream and also because often night creams are too rich for day and result in your eye make-up up smearing and your concealer sliding. Not pretty my friend. Not pretty at all.

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Mo said...

seriously? day and night eye cream? geeze rosh..i've already got enough crap to haul i've got to figure out a night eye cream as well...uggggh