Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wake-Up Call

This ad has been making the rounds and responses have been interesting. For some, the end product is conservative when compared to the possibilities available with PhotoShop etc. - "So she's just a little more polished - what's the big deal"? For others it's a crime in the war of weight obsession and plunging self-esteem that women have to fight everyday.

I personally am not shocked by the ad - if you didn't know that practically everything we look at is retouched then you've been living under a rock. I like that the model in this case still looks like herself but I am glad that Dove has taken the first step to shake-up the public with a bold wake-up call. It's a given that we shouldn't hold our ideals of beauty and perfection to what we see in any form of media but this commercial takes you somewhere beyond the rhetoric of loving who we are just as we are. Images in any form should be something to be inspired by - not ruled by.

I would love to hear your thoughts...



Meerski said...

how interesting, it's about time the public saw that not every girl has flawless skin!!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow photoshoper, I have to admit I'm guilty of the airbrushing, but those are the tools of the trade. Fashion photography is not about the consumer, but it's about the models and the designers. So if the model wants you to remove that bludge in her side, you have no choice but to do it. Any indication that models are anything less than godesses gracing us with their beauty is viewed as a deviation from the norm.