Monday, November 20, 2006

One Layer at a Time...

I recently read somewhere that Cindy Crawford started getting botox injections and all sorts of other injections when she turned 28! 28! Yeah I just turned 28 and that is so not happening. I know that Cindy's livelihood is her face so I can understand the need for her to take preemptive measures but I'm not into needles. I'm into products!

I got married this past August and because I'm me my face broke out like it has never broken out before. It was bad - really, really bad. Now people being people everyone had advise - from pills, to treatments, to ground up plants soaked in water and then applied to the face on a full moon - I heard it all. And tried it all. But one thing that I started using and LOVE is GlycoPeeling 25% (also available in 50%) from Natura Bisse. It's a family owned spa skincare line from Spain that has been around for about 30 years.

First - the science (thanks to my aesthetician!). We all know that we have layers and layers of skin. The skin we see on top is actually the old stuff - the new, fresh, dewy stuff is underneath just waiting to come up. But the new skin sometimes has trouble coming up when it's being held down by the old skin. That's why we exfoliate - to get rid of the gunk and allow the new skin to surface. But because I have oily skin I need to exfoliate EVERYDAY! Because it's the oil that traps deadskin cells into pores that causes those damn things to fester in the first place! And sometimes the everyday scrub isn't enough for me. I like to use St. Ives Apricot Scrub to get everyday gunk off like the oil and make-up and product build up but I needed something stronger to really get my skin into gear.

Second - the product. That's where GlycoPeeling came into play. It's an fruit acid peel treatment that I started doing at home. And it works. I've been doing do 2-3 treatments a week and after about 2 weeks I can see a difference - my skin doesn't look like a burlap sack anymore. And the hyperpigmentation is getting lighter and lighter to where now with some bare escentuals you can't very much of the spots at all. I've got a couple of residual bumps but they're healing a lot quicker than B.T.P (before the peel).

And the best part is that the peel also helps prevent wrinkles because the fresh skin just keeps coming up.

I'm clearing up my skin AND preventing wrinkles! Cindy would be so proud!



Meerski said...

good to know, i have oily skin too!!

Anonymous said...

roshbosh how much does this cost... I NEED SOME!!!

roshbosh said...

Neiman Marcus sells the entire line. The 25% Glyco Peeling is $130 and the 50% Glyco Peeling is $170. (Pricy I know but it's the only thing that's been helping.) Natura Bisse has a great sampling program so don't feel shy about walking up to the counter and telling them that you're interested in the product but would like to try some before committing that kind of moola. Their product specialists know what they are talking about. AND you can always ask about their facials which are free but it's always nice to buy something.
Let me know if you have more questions!