Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Too much of a good thing?

I have a problem.

I know that.

But I don't use all of them. Not all the time anyway. And not all at the same time either - my standard brushes are the ones on the right in the black brush case.

I refuse to count the number of brushes I have. Ignorance is bliss. But if I had to pick the basics for myself or someone else, here is what they would be...

-blush brush*
-bronzer brush (if you use a bronzer but it also does a good job of over all blending)
-2 eyeshadow brushes: 1 all-over & 1 small*
-1 eyeliner brush*
-1 eyebrow brush
-1 powder brush*
-1 concealer brush (if you use a concealer)
-1 foundation brush (if you use a liquid foundation)

A total of 9 brushes give or take a few - I could do with 5 of them (*).

Most of them were gifted but some I did purchase. Here's my brief rundown...
Chanel Brushes - don't' bother - the cost-to-value ratio just isn't there
Bobbi Brown - good brushes but the blush and powder brushes shed - I love the little Kabuki brush though (it doesn't shed)
Sonia Kashuk (for Target) - great bang for your buck but the white handles look beat up after 2 uses otherwise a fantastic buy
Fresh - grood (better than good but not quite great because of the price) brushes for a basic, no fuss approach to color - the entire line only consists of 7 brushes
Giorgio Armani - their foundation brush is the softest thing in the world but other than that he needs to stick to clothes
Shu Uemura - if you're a professional make-up artist go for it! their too fancy for me in functionality and price
Bare Escentuals - crap! crap! crap!
Laura Mercier - love! - great weight, great handles, great investment if you want to splurge
Trish McEvoy - great - great weight but I like tapered handles, also a great investment if you want to splurge; (Trish started out as a brush company)

lipstick kisses!


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