Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chocolate Mousse Under the Influence

This weekend the Lobster, Cusak (the Lobster's brother), and I went down to San Antonio to celebrate my uber good friend Mo's birthday (Happy Birthday Mo!). She planned a party with a great South American menu sans birthday cake. Now you cannot not have a birthday cake on your birthday - but she insisted and we compromised on a birthday cupcake with sparkler candles and chocolate mousse for dessert!

I found this amazing recipe in an even more amazing book called Luscious Chocolate Desserts by Lori Longbotham. I have never, ever had mousse this good (Shister - it's better than Whole Food's) and it couldn't have been easier to make (something like one egg, 1/8 cup sugar, 1 ounce chocolate, 1/8 cup cream per person so it's a super easy recipe to double or even triple). But the ENTIRE book is full of dessert recipes that sound almost too simple to be so, so good. The pictures are good enough to eat but my favorite part of the book are the stories the author links to each recipe - it gives the entire book provenance - something that you just don't get very often from recipes.

I know all this sounds too deep for a cookbook but seriously. If you like to bake, and you love chocolate, you want this book. Or someone you know who likes to bake and loves chocolate wants this book. (Hint Hint!)

I think this one is going on the list as well.

Eat chocolate!



amee said...

One of your top tens should be Wednesday nights w/ the LOST crew. :P

Lilmoonbeam said...

This is just a great lil peice... I adore chocolate in ALL its forms!!

Specially this stuff called GU, its swedish I think.. it takes 35 seconds to heat in the microwave. IT. IS. DREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it if you can!!

Cusak said...

Mmm...Mousse. Good stuff roshbosh. Could have eaten straight off the whisk.

Rupal said...

LOVE THE BLOG! I think you found your new calling!! Quit Neimans and become the next Perez Hilton for Beauty and Health!! =)

Sapna S. said...

Roshni! I luv ur blog!! Thanks for sharing it with me :)