Monday, March 24, 2008


I've been reading, quite a bit actually, about a "truth in blogging" movement that's picking up momentum. In a nutshell, readers and writers have started to implore bloggers to show their REAL skin. Are they a brand manager hiding behind a Typepad ISP in order to draw traffic to their proprietary sites? Is the stay-at-home mom actually a "he" paid by an advertising agency to garner traffic to increase ad exposure for their clients?

So the truth is this. I work for a retailer in their Beauty Division. I get a bit of what is called "gratis" and am privy to products and launches before anything hits a counter or shelf or ecomm storefront. But I also purchase a good amount (actually a majority) of the products that are featured on this blog and I have the credit card statements to prove it. I do this as a hobby because I am a product junkie and I enjoy writing. I don't get paid to do this. And from here on out, I will mention the provenance of what I'm reviewing - whether it was purchased, bartered, or graciously given - you'll know how it ended up on my bathroom counter.

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Salman said...

Proud and Loud Rosh Bosh!