Monday, March 24, 2008

the Px for comfort

I received my first bottle of this as gratis but have become such a fan I’ve started buying it.

The refreshing thing about this product is that it’s just a moisturizer. Plain and simple. It doesn’t promise to minimize that or reduce this – it just moisturizes. I use Differin 0.3% at night and don’t like the thought of layering another treatment product on top. So to keep the drying effects of the Differin to a minimum, I lay this on top and wake up with skin that feels comfortable. For winter months when I’m really dry, I use its cousin, Comfort Cream (which is not oil-free).

The only thumbs down would be the smell, but if you’re familiar with Prescriptives products, you know that everything is unscented. I would love this product in a nice, minty scent.
Oh! There’s an idea! Custom scented skin care products!

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