Sunday, March 23, 2008

I have a confession.

I pick. No! Not my nose! know…


I know what you're thinking. Eeeew! Gross! But I also know that a vast majority of you are guilty of the same crime! So there!

But I do have a little magic potion in my arsenal to absolve my sins. I've been using this stuff since highschool. (Wow. That's almost 15 years.)

But before the “what” and “how” I offer a little lesson.

Not all toners are created equal!

There's a difference between tonics, astringent, and fresheners. Astringents contain the most amount of alcohol - that's why it can sometimes leave your skin feeling like the Sahara Desert. They can contain anywhere from 20-60% alcohol and are generally recommended for oilier skins. Tonics (not of the "Gin and" variety) can be 10-20% alcohol - great for normal to oily skin. Fresheners - the mildest and most gentle form of toners - contain 0-10% of alcohol. This category of toner generally also contains a humectant which helps retain moisture in the upper-most layers of your skin - fabuloso for drier and more sensitive skins.

I have oily skin but am also topically dry. (Let me tell you - a GREAT combination to have.) But this green gem contains Tea Tree Oil so it's a great antiseptic, is low on the alcohol content so it doesn't dry me out, but also has glycerin, which is a great humectant. Infact, during the summer, I don't even need to moisturize after washing my face. I swab some of this on and I am good to go!

Now back to the "picking". After the excavation, I get a good amount on a cotton ball and press it onto the "spot". Leave it there for a minute or two and it stops the bleeding and any other type of ooziness and crustiness.

(I never said absolution was sexy.)

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