Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Missive on Benched Shoes

So the Lobster made a request last week: that I not buy new shoes until I wear the unworn ones I already have.

Now that would be a reasonable request if I had just one pair...

but I have four and they all have (or had) a specific purpose!

Brown Sandals with BIG blue/brown silk flowers on them - reserved for Aniston's shower or wedding and I even bought a dress to go with the shoes. That's right. I bought a dress to go with the shoes - they're that FABULOUS!

Black & Stainless Steel wedges - bought for Vegas but we ended up not going due to weather - not my fault the effects of Global Warming decided to rear its ugly head the weekend we planned our get-away!

"Fancy" Brown Suede Driving Shoes - they were so cheap! Leaving them at the store would have been a crime! And a criminal I am not! I'll need them some day.

Pink/Brown Slides - They feel so good on my feet! Oh who am I kidding? I really need to stop shopping for a life I don't have!

Besides the Pink/Brown Slides - all my shoes have an ordained purpose. So I don't think the request is reasonable. And as I was discussing with my friend Ru-paul just this past Saturday, all shoes have their time.

And that's when I had my epiphany!

It's like football players. Shoes are like football players!

Take Tony Romo for instance! The Cowboys took him knowing he was going to sit on the bench for a bit but they took him anyway! Why? One, because they probably knew they couldn't pass him up AND two, they saw the potential in him! So the Cowboys took him and he spent all that time sitting on the bench just waiting for his time like a good second string player does and now look at him - he's THE quarterback! Ok so the season didn't end too well for him (or the Cowboys for that matter) but we can liken that to a pair of shoes that isn’t quite broken in yet.

So Lobster, like football players, there are just some shoes that you don't pass up (like the black and stainless steel wedges). And just because I don't know where I'm going to wear them right now doesn't mean I won't need them sometime down the road.

That said - let the search for the perfect pair of velvet, citrine color, peep-toe heels begin!



Lobster said...

The quarterback example is an excellent point. I agree that a girl should have shoes 'in reserve'. Let's continue on with this example and point out that a team carries a max of 3 quarterbacks on the roster. Doesn't that mean that a girl can get a 'in reserve' pair as long as the total does not exceed three?

kiwi612 said...

i was just going to say that it was an excellent example and then i read lobster's comment and he totally called you out! great entry. :) search is for purple peep toe... :)