Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm gonna wash that ____ right outta my hair! (Please fill-in with desired noun.)

I have to wash my hair everyday. Doesn't mean that I do wash my hair everyday but I do suds up 6 out of the 7 days of the week so that people aren't privy to my Professor Snape-like mane.

Frederic Fekkai - Great if you can afford it but there are so many other great affordable products out there. Not worth the money.
Aveda - Love the arboreal scent but the price is a little steep for what you get. The stuff works but so do shampoos from Target.
Panteen - Really strong products - the pH may not work for everyone's scalp but it does do great things to your hair. You'll know if it's too strong for you if start to develop little bumps on your scalp and your hair starts to fall out.
Finesse - Smells good and a solid product. I think it's been over-shadowed by Dove though.
So Sexy from Victoria Secrets - Lobster really loves the way this smells but it made my hair fall out with continued use. Between $8-12 a bottle and I paid it for about a year. Wish it didn't make my hair fall out!
Head and Shoulders - I think this guy gets overlooked. It's not sexy but it's a great product that has a nice scent, the pH isn't crazy, it leaves your hair shiny and it's great for gals AND guys!
Dove - Really good product and I have been using Dove for months now. The conditioner is a little too thick and leaves residue build-up. Which led me to...
Neutrogena Clean Balance Shampoo - My new love! This shampoo is a great basic I-just-want-my-hair-free-from-all-the-gunk shampoo. Great for normal hair. It just makes me feel clean and there's not much scent and I think my olfactory nerves are in need of a break. They get a little overwhelmed from the scented soap and scented body cream and scented body mist - you get the idea.

Some tips...
If you're looking into trying a new shampoo/conditioner always visit the travel section of Target or CVS or whatever. You'll be surprised at their assortment. Also, visit product websites. More often than not they'll have coupons for buy-one-get-one-free or free trial sizes etc. And use a clarifying shampoo a few times a month to get rid of product build-up from conditioners and hairspray etc.

Shah! Hopes this helps!

lipstick kisses!


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amee said...

i love it!! thanks! one of your best entries!!!