Thursday, April 17, 2008

It doesn't have that seductive smell of leather but...

You're looking at my YSL Muse handbag.

Not literally. But the dosh I would have put towards the bag (the bag I have been mad crushing over for over a year) is now going towards these pills. Pills that promise to rid my visage of those nefarious and often painful cystic bumps, but pills that also cost $250. That's right. Two-hundred and fifty dollars for the first month and $150 for each month after. And that my friend is WITH insurance AND a coupon.

I feel a little guilty, foolish even, for considering a handbag the opportunity cost of the meds, but I can't help feeling that way. It would be one thing if the derm had said "Take this twice a day for 4 months and you'll be as clear as the sky on a summer morning." Instead I got an "Hhhmmm. You've tried X and Y. Let's give Doryx a shot. There's no way to tell how long you will need to be on it, but we'll assess every 4-6 weeks." (By the way, I love my derm - she's talks to me with her eyes closed.) But seriously!? I wouldn't even mind the unknown factor of it all if the pills didn't have horrible side-effects. Thirty-minutes after taking a dose, my eyes get all glassy and I feel so nauseous I can't move without feeling like I had spent the previous night with a bottle of Patron on an empty stomach. All this and you can't tell me when it will work; IF it will work, and it's going to cost me HOW MUCH!?

But I'm hopeful. Being an inveterate optimist, I am looking at the glass half-full with full faith that the Doryx will work.

I want it to work. I NEED it to work.

Oh, but it would be so much more bearable with a Muse to hold on to.



Anonymous said...

cute post!! I'll cross my fingers for you! drink lots of water!! eat avocados...good for skin...from the wonderfoods book you got me.

Anonymous said...

it's me amee