Thursday, September 27, 2007

Before I put another notch in my lipstick case, you better make sure you put me in my place. - Pat Benatar

My skin has finally started to clear up and normalize. No new scary bumps that need their own area code. I still have some hyper-pigmentation but nothing that some time and glycolic peels and a great facialist can't clear up. Thankfully.

And now that things are getting back to normal, I'm starting to enjoy make-up again. I've been avoiding lipstick like the plague because I felt it just seemed to bring out the hyperpigmentation and redness in my skin, but I've worn rouge on my smackers everyday this week. And it's made a unexpected difference - my boss exclaimed earlier in the week "you're wearing make-up!" Keep in mind I was wearing the same amount I always wear - I had just added lips to the look. Huh. Wonder if I'll turn into one of those women in my old age that always has to have her lips on.

What's the one thing you wear to pull your look together?

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