Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fight Fugly!

I've been feeling quite "fugly" lately - so much so that I've been avoiding mirrors like a vampire. I finally got waxed and threaded and plucked and and poked and peeled on Saturday and am feeling so, so much better.

The facial at the Ogle school exceeded my expectations - attention Dallas-ite readers - you would be remiss not to try this place out. The basic machine facial starts at $16 and I added 3 additional treatments at $5 each - an enzyme peel, decrustration (I know - it sounds gross but isn't), and some electricity thing that is supposed to kill bacteria and reduce swelling. They did everything I would have had done at Glow but for $50 less. And since it's a school they talk you through everything so you know what they're doing and why. The instructor was close at hand if the facialist had any questions.

I will fo' sho' be making this a part of my beauty arsenal.

lipstick kisses!


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