Friday, June 15, 2007

scientology becomes her.

Truth be known, I hide behind my hair. It goes up when I wash my face and when I sleep but that's about it. So I envy anyone who can sport short, I-just-got-of-bed-and-my-hair-looks-fabulous hair - the tousled hair that looks great parted this way or that way and can look sleek or playful. I am loving Katie Holmes new do. And her new sartorial style - trendy but fresh. She's definitely stepping out of her comfort zone - strong prints and a great juxtaposition of hard and soft lines.

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Mo said...

Not a fan..she looks like her that sense i don't think she's stepping out on her own..just following once again what her husband says she should do, i agree..she definitely can sport that short cut...they just look too much alike.

side note..i'm loving posting comments on the blog rosh!